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    Robert Gaida


    anybody here around winning this scenario with the US ?



    Nope. First game, the US took a ton of pins in the DZ and couldn’t regroup before the Germans wiped out 2 squads.

    Second game, the US had no pins when landing, regrouped well, but then we couldn’t get the dice draw to go our way and lost 7 men with 2 squads exiting.

    2 points per “US casualty caused” is pretty OP. The second game, we played it as 1 point per figure and it was a closer fought match. 7 Germany to 6 US


    In trying to play this scenario, I was not totally clear on the rules. After initial deployment of the paras, on turn one each unit gets an ADVANCE order and if you pass the order test, the unit assembles in a normal formation? If I’ve got a unit of 6 guys all spread out, I’m not sure what “move towards the closest squad member” means. With each squad having deployed up to 6″ up or down and 3″ to the left or right, when the whole squad regroups they do so on which squad member? The furthest advanced, original deployed model? I’m confused.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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