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    Eric Fontaine

    Have a specific rules question, let’s hear it. Let’s chat about it. And lets get the official ruling. Who will be first?


    Looks like I’m first 🙂

    I actually have some questions or rather my community has:

    – On Hauptmann Heinrich Gross squad for Germany, does the unit gains fast because he has it or the whole unit needs to be wiped out (but him) before he can move faster?

    also, if he gains blood-fuelled, he gains resilent, can all non +6 hits can be assigned to him, leavint the rest for other units, (this basically would give resilent to the whole unit)?

    – Can a Multiple Launcher use Fire Smoke, in case yes, can it launch multiple smokes (since fire smoke rule says it can use an unit as target)?

    – What happens if the target unit of a Air Srike from an Air Observer dies before the turn ends and the resolutions of it begins?

    – Do you need line of sight from an officer for it to give his morale bonus to an unit? (the rulebook makes it seem like it’s an aura effect)

    – Does exceptional damage from a compression rifle (japanese army) can actually kill a resilent unit or they cannot get to that point

    – The last question is probably of interest for many, are there any plans to update K47 rules to match BAv2 rulebook?

    Regards and thanks!


    Why give Automated Mobile Platforms the attributes Fist & Assault if the Automaton attribute precludes its ability to assault at all?

    Stefan Tremblay

    So, I played a game this week against russians. I thought it was weird that the shockwave weapon, as written, permits you to hit three units on three different floors of a building, so a 6+ inches vertical spread, while on the ground it couldn’t affect adjacent units. Also, again as written, it could cross hills or buildings to affect units the gunners couldn’t even see… especially if those units are hidden! This needs an errata or, at least, a clarification I believe.


    I still think the need for an initial visible target to get the whole process going is kind of stupid. Being able to hit hidden and non-visible targets is the only thing that makes up for its ridiculous short range and ridiculous expensive unit cost, that towed gun unit will be useless as all hell.

    The 30″ range of the M21 tesla is just as crazy.


    are the bolt Action rules required to play Konflikt ’47?

    Stefan Tremblay

    No, B.A. isn’t needed. K’47 is a complete game unto itself.


    Is there anything in the rules prohibiting the mixture of certain armies? For example, Say you want to make an American army but you want units with the “horror” or “fanatics” special rules so you add German units (like Schreckwulfen) or Soviet units (like Siberian Terrors) because according to your army’s backstory the German and Soviet units defected to the Allies?

    Stefan Tremblay

    The army lists are available on easyarmy if you want to try your lists out but, officially, no mixing from Axis to Allies.  This being said, it’s your game : do with it what you will.  Having fun is always more important than adhering to the rules as written in my opinion.



    In current up-to-date errate of K47 “fist” is removed from “assault” special rules of Automated Mobile Platform.

    “AMPs are treated as armored vehicles for damage purposes so if penetrated, roll on the vehicle damage table.” – K47 Errata, Updated May 04 2020.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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