Stefan Tremblay


  • If all ships are in the same sector, have you tried moving the board?  I.e. if a ship accidentally moves off, you displace all ships on the board to accommodate the missing space… the off board ship would need 10 extra inches : move all ships 10” the other way som the would be off board ship stays on the playing field.  Of course it’s not p…[Read more]

  • Like I said, might be a glitch on my end of things but it’s the pages I find weirdly numbered…

    The way I ‘ve figured it is to place the pages in the following order :

    Cover, P.2 (with the title), p.3, p.? (creating a smug coy), p.? (figureheads), p.9, p.7, p.? (campaign syst with steps 1&2), p.5, p.? (Post-battle), and finally the…[Read more]

  • Cool little booklet, but isn’t the order of the pages wonky?  The campaign steps aren’t in order… maybe just a glitch?