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    I have heard some people have been playing the rule that when a green squad is shot at, Once all the hits are done they are rolling each wound one at a time to see if a casualty is inflicted and if so rolling for Green in the hope that the rest of the squad becomes regular and therefore the rest of the shots then require +4 to kill rather then +3.

    Surely this is not right and just trying to game the system.

    Green should be rolled once all current shooting at the squad is done?

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    Welp can tell I don’t look at this forum much…



    Short answer is green roll is made when casualties are taken (important as commissars execution skips the casualty step and goes to the remove model so doesn’t trigger a green roll)


    This is AFTER wound rolls

    BEFORE models are removed, which is before moral check (if applicable)


    So the are hit at inexperienced, wounded on inexperienced but MIGHT check at regular

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