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    Nigel Heather

    So I keep getting eMails about reward medals that I have earned from being such a valuable and regular customer – but I’m not, so I’m a little confused by them.

    It started out saying something like “your recent purchases have earned 150 medals, you can convert 100 of these into a £5 discount”.

    But I hadn’t made any recent purchases, in fact I’ve not purchased much directly from Warlord Games for a couple of years and even then it wasn’t a huge amount.

    So I just put it down to be a marketing exercise to bring the reward medal scheme to my attention and a way of giving me  a £5 discount making it seem like I am getting some special treatment – I imagine that everyone registered for the newsletter got the same.

    And then today, I got another email saying that I now have 175 reward medals because I had earned a further 25 medals last month.  And I certainly did not buy anything last month.

    So how is it that I am earning reward medals – I visit the site and the forum regularly, so do you get them just for visiting the site.


    Going off memory, you get some for signing up & some more for following warlord on instargram & facebook..

    If you go to the store and sign in then you can look at your medals and see why they where awarded.

    Also the points are only awarded when somethings posted… so it might be someone clearing a back log off a system why you are suddenly gaining them


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    Nigel Heather

    A bit of the mystery solved. I recently bought a rule book on eBay. Seems the seller was actually warlord games (didn’t realise that) and rather cleverly they they worked out that I have a warlord games account and have matched that up with my eBay and PayPal credentials and recorded the sale on their website against my Warlord account. That explains the 25 points this month.


    As long as your email address on your eBay account matches the one on the Warlord games website you will receive Warlord Medals points.

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