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    Witch Racer

    Where in the book dose it say about reloading torpedoes. Also why con you only fire them two at a time ( one at a time if inexperienced) a US Fletcher class has 10 of them in banks of 5. It could take them all day to fire them all off.

    Tom Oxley

    I don’t believe it is in the rules. I haven’t found it anyway. What I have seen is 2 different ideas on how to house-rule it, one that the vessel withdraws from the play area for a turn (or more) and reenters loaded assuming it left, went to dead stop or slow speed, spent one turn reloading at that speed, then turned and reentered. The other was that it came to a stop on the table while it spent one turn at a stop reloading, which makes it a great target. Without some sort of reload rule, the points for reloads on the S-Boats are a waste, so this might be a good time to come to some sort of consensus on a rule. I would love to see other ideas.

    invisible officer

    Reloading torpedo tubes was rarely done in action. In submarines for simple reasons, with the ASDIC DD above and the men not even allowed to talk loading was no good idea.

    The German Schnellboot crews needed 3 minutes for the reload. Doing nothing else. Not fighting with guns at same time. Imagin to handle a G7a Torpedo of more than 1.500 kg on a Schnellboot at full speed, the vessel jumping around on the waves. The rails are of little help then.

    They went out of action and hid in the darkness or smoke. Hoping to find the enemy again.

    Difficult to show in game.


    The number of torpedoes fired in one turn….. May be they try to represent the small safety time between two Torpedo shots. To make sure they do not collide.

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