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    Hi all,

    A question on regimental artillery, being that it is much cheaper than normal foot is my understanding here correct?

    • Stats 2-2-1, stam 2
    • Range 36″
    • A battery is two figures

    Also what is the effectiveness of regimental v foot?



    Depends what you mean by Regimental Artillery?  The Clash of Eagles Napoleonic entries are for Battalion guns:

    full is 3/2/1 – stam 2, half is 1/1/1 stam 1
    Range 24″ (pg 56 BP v2)
    Battery size – same as any artillery, so how your local club plays it (normally from what I’ve seen is 1 for half or 2 for full).
    Moves the same as Infantry without needing to be limbered. (pg 38 BP v2)
    Has the same rules for shooting as normal artillery. – so same effectiveness as any horse or foot artillery, just a foot shorter ranged!
    A full Regimental /Battalion gun battery is about the same points as a half battery of Normal Artillery


    key points in bold.

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    Sorry for the late follow up, in pg 103 CoE; point 6 it states regimental artillery can move a maximum of two turns as well as the battalion it is with.

    So if a Regimental Section is attached to a Battalion does that mean it can move two turns and fire?

    Also a Regimental Battery follows the rules of a normal Foot Battery except its range is 24″

    I’m keen to build a 1812 French Army based on 1st Corp / 1st Division @ Borodino, each Brigade (which was a regiment of 5 battalions had 4 light guns) which I assume is a Regimental Artillery Section (1 model) attached to 1 battalion.

    Thanks in advance for any clarification.



    re move & fire, depends if you are using the optional rules of 2+ moves means unable to fire.  If your not then yeah so long as you give the order of move to X and fire then I cant recall a reason why not.

    Yes the Batteries are independant units, they dont require limbering but thats the only exception that i can think of.

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