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    Hey there I have some questions i cant find specific anwers:

    1.: The Wind direction for carriers says that the table edge where the wind comes from has to be in the front arc of the carrier. For example, the wind comes from west to east. So when the carrier stands straight from south to north but on the left side of the table, you have the eastern table edge in the front arc. So this is how it works or how do you handle?

    2.: The smoke says, you place it on the back of the ship. Do you have to place it an the center of the back or is the hole round back-part allowed?

    3.: Are they any players in Germany? Me an my friend only play at each other for 2 years so perhaps someone else is out there to make a match one or two times in a year?


    Thank you


    The game is based on being simple.. not realistic..

    1.  the bow must be pointing at the board edge marked as the wind… so if the right hand side to you was marked as the wind then so long as your bow is pinting at SOME POINT of that edge they your good.  … this can be the top corner in order to get your carrier off their board edge

    2.  the edge of the template should touch the rear edge of the base… it doesnt say that it should be in a straight line – however most people play that it does.  Also that the gap between the bridge and the start of the template is also counted as being covered.

    3.  If you are on Facebook then the ‘Victory at Sea Wardroom (unoffical)’ group has over 100 members based in Germany (4th highest concentrartion after UK, US & Australia….) plus neighbouring countries

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    oh… also do check out discord as well… both the official warlord discord server as well as the Victory at sea one as not all people use facebook!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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