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    As you can understand here in Turin no more pepoles play to VaS, we play every 15 days and all time we have questions.

    #1 A ship goes to flank speed 0 due to critical score 5 in engines area.

    Can the other player gain +1 bonus to attack dice for stationaty target?

    #2 Twin linked weapons Vs. EVADE order.

    e.g. 6AD, roll 4 hits and 2 miss

    Case A First reroll the two missing for twin linked rule (1 hit end 1 miss) and after reroll all 5 hits for evade order.

    Case B First reroll 4 hit (2 confirmed and 2 fail) for evade order and after  reroll the  2+2 miss for the twin linked rule.

    Obviously only 1 reroll for twin link and 1 reroll for evade.

    #3 A  submarine is in aft arc of a destroyer, bridge gap is more than 2″.

    The two ships are in base contact, can destroyer use deep charge?





    1) RAW is unclear.  As the ship would still move the min 1″ as its not run aground or at anchor it can be argued that the ship is not stationary, however  I would play it as YES as the ship isnt sailing under control but drifting on the current and so can easily be tracked by the firing ship (hence the +1).

    2) Two schools of thought with this- i) roll all dice, then pick up and roll them again – This is the FAQs answer!  or ii) EVADE & TWIN LINKED cancel each other out so NO DICE are re-rolled..
    personally I go with option ii  as its quicker and gives the same end result…

    To explain, no dice can be re-rolled more than once due to any & all sources, so the attacker rolls – all their hits are forced to be re-rolled by evade,  their twin linkked allows them to re-roll their misses.  The 2nd result now stands as the original hits re-rolled that came up as misses cant be re-rolled a 2nd time so are discarded.  And by the same any misses that twin linked turned in to hits cant be evaded.

    3)RAW – its out of range… personally I play that if you are touching the base of a model then you are at point blank range no matter the distance.  The subs out of range of DC & torpedo ranges being two of the reasons why… I take the rules for flights where touching the base at any point is in range for local as presedence.

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    Thanks Nat,

    clear fo me,

    I’ll give your reply to my friends.

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