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    Hi all,

    I play from Italy at the new Cruel Seas game and its very fun!

    I have the Kriegsmarine fleet but some doubts have come.

    In the card of s-100 and s-38 class i can see 2 MG position but in the manual at page 95 in the equipement chart it’s not inserted.
    But in the R-boat there are 2xMG correctly inserted.
    What should i consider?

    At the same time the Armoured s38 class, that have a 1x twin HMG, i can consider only the twin or i add other 2 single MG?

    Thank you all

    invisible officer

    To add more confusion and a bit of help 🙂

    Kriegsmarine allocated 2 LMG to each S-Boot for covering boarding parties and similar jobs. Carried in the boat’s weapon locker below deck. To be used from pivots at Bridge or other parts of boat.

    With the rising allied air powers crews tried to get more and had them on deck all time.

    Many S-38 boats got between the ventilators a Zwillingssockel 36 with two 7,92 mm Mauser LMG. It was no true HMG of bigger calibre and had the Kreisvisier for AA use, not the Tiefenstreueinrichtung of Heer Schweres Maschinengewehr.

    With the adding of the third gun position in mid of boat it was normally no longer added.


    Tnx for reply

    Only now i see at the top of the page 95
    “ all boat & ship have additional 2x mg free “

    I think i news better glasses

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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