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    So I pre-ordered several sets including the US PT boats, I finally got chance to sit down and open the box.
    Only to discover the assembly instructions are a bad joke. The leaflet is just a label guide….. ok Warload must have better information on their site…
    Ok so I look up … no more of the same, I look through several pages of the forum and the only recommendation from Warlord is a YouTube video…. where a person puts it together wrong.
    Is this a wind up? And don’t tell me “it’s so you can chose how you configure”…that’s just lazy/incompetent.

    invisible officer

    If you look on the US Navy fleet page

    you have pics of the assembled Higgins and the Elco.

    Most will not Need that. I guess Warlord expected the peoples to have a minimum knowledge on PT boats.

    Configuration is a big option for the Elco. With or without the 37mm at the bow, dito the pair of rocket launchers.

    Richard Walker

    I may be old but don’t you find books / photographs / Internet useful sources of referance?
    Painting guide and someone making an effort to be helpful by making a video, only do one of the boats on the sprue so we we do what has always done .look at history. Even use the box art.

    There is real history out there, let’s use it.


    So yes there are pictures of the assembled models, unfortunately they are side shots.
    Yes I will be looking at articles etc however I’d expect the bare minimum to be a basic exploded view in the same way you have Airfix, etc kits to start with.

    There is real history i totally agree, I’ve even moored up next to MTB boats in person. Working out where to glue an item is different.

    However as a basic and I mean basic minimum I’d expect an exploded view of the model or early war view of the model. This is a product they are selling.

    invisible officer

    For four Torpedos, a mast and some guns?

    A bit Stella Liebeck like.


    Ok so taking your post at face value….
    I looked at the pics and watched the video recommended (have you?)
    The guy managed to stick the torpedo tubes the wrong way, and went on to mention that several Boats didn’t even use the masts.

    Stella Liebeck (I assume your ref McDonald’s coffee) isn’t really a comparison, I expect my coffee to be hot as in I expect if I’m sold a self assembly model to contain basic assembly instructions in the same way other models sold do by other manufacturers.

    invisible officer


    The Higgins tubes are glued by him with the vent to the left and aft. Absolutely correct.

    Most Higgins had a mast but some early ones just a small one for the antenna No Radar. Since most add no antennas etc. , why not. Not my taste but….


    It’s not the ideal solution, but an internet image search will turn up images of both the Elco and Higgins boats (mind you, many of them 3D computer generated). The Higgins boat search that I did turned up a number of boats that were either configured completely differently (most notably, the torpedo tubes in most of the images were shorter than what Warlord has provided), or some other type of PT boat entirely. But the Elco search I did turned up a number of images of the Elco hull configured precisely as done by Warlord.

    *My* primary complaint after building one of each of the US torpedo boats is that the 40mm gun doesn’t include the crew shown in the various images posted in the Warlord webstore. Nor does the gun assembly include the seats used by those crew. There are a couple of short poles attached to the back(?) of the gun base plate. But that’s it.


    I also struggled with assembly. I was able to use the blown up pictures on the webstore to correctly assemble the models in the correct configurations.

    Frankly,”invisible officer” is being a dick for absolutely no reason. Your internet white knighting nonsense is not appreciated or relevant. Since its fairly obvious your parents never bothered teaching you how to be polite and respectful to others, I’ll apologize to everyone for your ignorant and disrespectful behavior on your behalf.

    invisible officer

    John, in all your posts you only cry how bad Warlord did the rules. In your opinion. They got many good reviews. It’s a fun game.

    And here the same.

    The only part of the PT kit that might cause a ???? are the small smoke dischargers. Everything else is 100% obvious from the part list and the box art.

    28 parts for two boats.

    Very polite to call someone a dick because he states that the assembly is easy. It is! They did nice models that offer many options.

    That Cruel sea bashing gets a bit boring.

    Henry Higgins

    Hopefully not a “bash” but it would be nice and easy to achieve for Warlord to put a page on their site with some simple assembly instructions. This is supposed to be a starter game for people with little or no knowledge of naval wargaming so a bit of help here would be good. For example, where exactly do the masts on the PT boats go and which way round? Which go go where on the boats and how do the crew blobs fit on the 37mm gun? Some people will find it ok looking for info on the web bit others may struggle so why not help them out? It would make warlord look good i think

    Rui Antunes

    Hellow all
    Sorry my English I am not an english person!
    I am a tottaly noob in relation to naval warfare and came to this forum exactly to look for help were and how to build the boats usa gb or german and can’t find anything, I really love this game and love the models but the truth is that Watlord could and should be a little more helpfull, not everybody knew were to put stuff and they are not going to learn by sure!
    On the other hand I’m really sorry but you Invisible officer are not very friendly about this, I’m with Peter were in the Gods Name should I put those tiny pieces!
    So Warlord or CruelZSeas crew please let us the noobs learn were things go please, before some of us give ou to the game.


    invisible officer

    I can only apologize for that.

    But there are pics of the assembled vessels on the Warlord pages and even assemby Videos on You tube. (Mentioned above) And part lists with picture of sprue.
    I’m simply unable to imagin an adult Person that is not able to see the parts on the pics. Or to follow the Video guides.

    I showed the free PT kit from Wargames ill. to my “she” and the Warlord Pictures. Like you she is no naval model builder. But had no problems to identify the parts and places to go. She was not happy with the idea that smomeone (me…) could think that she might not be able to do that.

    invisible officer

    I did this morning that Vosper instruction.
    As a sign that I did not want to offend peoples.

    I guess some have not noticed that the individual type data card gives the weapon positions. It comes with each kit bought in Warlord boxes, together with the part list that tell Position on sprue.

    If you need one for PT or S-Boot just ask and I will do one. But I have no part list or data card for PT.(Blame Wargames Ill….) So would give my own part numbers.

    invisible officer

    Part 4, the single 20 mm, should be treated as optional. It was added to the early Vosper in front of Bridge to add firepower in mid war.

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