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    Javier Moncholí

    Good morning, I have a question about the Proximity of Enemy rule. On page 38 it says that once there is an enemy within 12 inches ‘even the most basic manoeuvres is considered to be impaired… units must move roughly straight forward or straight back’.

    What does ‘roughly straight forward or straight back’ mean? Can the unit freely move as long as it remains in its front or rear quarter, or just advance with minor pivots? Could it face an enemy that threatens its flank or rear? Can it change formation?

    We feel that the rules allow for almost acrobatic, dancing movement of units when outside 12″ (no restrictions as far as we know as long as no corner moves more than its move rate) but very restricted when within, depending on the interpretation of ‘roughly straight forward or straight back’.

    – Another question regards the Sweeping Advance rule. It says that the victorious unit can move on its front to advance or charge another enemy (if cavalry). Is the advance restricted to advancing strictly straight ahead or allowed to happen within the front quarter of the unit? If there are more than one enemy units elegible for being charged, can the unit freely choose which one to charge?

    Thank you very much,


    Charge The Guns

    Hi Javier,

    The proximity (12″) rule forces a unit too move backwards or forwards within its front or rear quarter. Front and rear quarters are described on p28. The intention of the proximity rule is to stop units moving sideways to get around a unit’s flank. It is fine to change formation etc. as long as the unit doesn’t end up moving sideways, left or right.

    On a sweeping advance I would say it is within the front quarter, as this is in keeping with the rest of the rules, but it is not exactly clear as written so you and your group should decide how you want to play this.

    If there is more than one unit that it is possible to charge then you are free to chose which one, just as you would be during a regular charge.

    Javier Moncholí

    Thank you very much!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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