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    Just got my lovely Warlord rulebook yesterday, very nice quality, great artwork, great quality binding then I open it up and find a slip of paper in the front which has a whole Missing section from the rules that has been omitted

    Sorry but this really spoils things , I haven’t even read it yet and there is already proof reading problems.

    Have the same with cruel seas, 11 pages of errata !

    C’mon Warlord its just crap this level of mistakes in what are otherwise quality products 🙁

    disgruntled pete


    I agree with the quality of the rulebook, but also with the proof reading issues.

    Must we expect even more errata in the near future as I myself also found a print error in the Barbarian army list.

    In the “Barbarian Horseman” section you have 1x Horseman Leader and 0 x Horseman, for 72 points. Guess this should be 2 x Horseman.

    James Boyle

    Few spells with ‘see pageXX’ too. I don’t remember old warlord books being this sloppy.



    As a sub-header.


    I purchased WoE a couple of weeks ago, and I contacted Warlord customer service as I was so disappointed with proclivity of glaring errors.

    Like other people posting here, the moment you open the book and the errata sheet slips out at you, my heart sank. Further reading just provided more and more errors.

    I get the impression that no one sat down and actually read through the final manuscript. I’ve purchased other Warlord books and they are brilliant! The “Antares” rulebook is a prime example. This is so far removed from what I’ve come to expect from Warlord. It also was not a cheap book.

    The response to my email from customer services was late, and didn’t really offer any good news or possible fixes. They don’t even know if/when there will be a second print run. I feel like I’ve been sold an unfinished product under the banner of an established brand and a well respected author.

    I’m worried that the lack of attention to the “surface” of this book might be indicative of a lack of attention to the rules system. I’ve not played the game yet, but I already feel anxious.

    I will, however, give it a go. I’m currently building some fantasy armies for ANOTHER wargame system that allows for generic fantasy battles (but in squares). I shall be using those models to try out Warlords of Erewhon.

    At the moment, not feeling great about it.

    Derek Dahmes

    I have been looking for an official Errata/FAQ document. Obviously found none still… and it’s been a month since the last post in this thread. They really do need to release one soon. Hopefully staff will have some news for us soon.


    I agree they totally owe anyone who bought the book an extensive errata/faq. Some days I feel we’re owed an apology, it’s so bad. I got a very glib response from Warlord customer service when I contacted them about the prolific typos and quality of the book. Maybe I should visit their stand at Salute.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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