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    Charge The Guns

    Saturday 22nd September at Warlord’s Open Day.

    An early start to get everything set up before the doors opened at 10. A big relief that nothing had been forgotten, and really nice to get all of the toys out and on to the table. Half of the fun for me is setting out the armies and terrain, then adding the ‘fluff’ of baggage etc.

    There was lots of interest throughout the day, and we answered lots of questions about Pike and Shotte, as well as swapping modelling and painting tips. We also gave people a chance to play a few moves to help learn the rules. I hope we’ll have some new P&S players in the community soon!

    It was a very busy day, and so didn’t have much chance to take a wander and see what else was going on. However did have a peak at Cruel Seas. The boats look very tempting!

    Many thanks to everyone who came by to chat. A fab day all round!

    Charge The Guns
    Rough Rider

    Fantastic stuff Charge The Guns! Great looking table and game.; just the kind of post I look forward to seeing while I drink my morning coffee. 🙂



    A pike and shotte treat! Interesting labeling elite units and heroes.

    Charge The Guns

    Thanks RR and Corso! Much appreciated 🙂

    I have an idea stuck in my mind that the little labels should help people translate what is happening on the table to the maps I put up around the table explaining the battle. The labels indicate the commanders of different brigades and the overall general. I have always done it for demo games, but I also find it a huge distraction; a bit a spoiler.

    When I look at other people’s demo games that don’t use labels then I find it very hard to see what is going on, and who is who. But, I also think labels spoil the aesthetic of the table and minis. :-/

    Roy Fitzsimmons

    Nice looking board and figures

    all the best

    Roy (Project Auldearn)

    Charge The Guns

    Thanks, Roy!

    Your and Walter’s work on Project Auldearn has been a big inspiration for my 17th century wargaming so glad you liked it.

    Do you have any further plans for Montrose?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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