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    Troy Hill

    looking at the ship rosters in the back of the rulebook (eg: Germans on pg 95), smoke is listed for many of the ships without an “option” tag

    But, other boats have options broken out specifically (eg: S-38 boat: “optional dept Charge +5 pts”)

    Want to make sure my read on this is correct.

    If any boat lists something in its Equipment column on the table, and it’s not marked as an “option” with point cost, then it is standard issue.

    So the S-38 would have Smoke Screen capability with it’s normal points, and not have to “buy” the Smoke Screen at +5 pts as listed on pg 33.


    Troy Hill

    Hint: I just noticed the points column of the ship rosters say “Fully Loaded Points” which appears to answer my query above.

    But, to make sure, I could drop smoke from a boat to save 5 pts and get in under the wire on building a list to specific point limit.

    I believe I understand this layout. 😉

    invisible officer

    Well, the nerd me gets xxxx reading that. 😉

    Dropping the two Nebelkannen / smoke dischargers from a Schnellboot should be impossible.

    They never went onto a mission without them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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