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    I’m reflecting on the Hand-to-Hand rules in Black Powder. I’m looking at the more complex examples of where more than one unit is involved in a HTH fight as a single engagement. So, Let’s say I have a large infantry unit. it is being charged by 2 small unit so it’s front and a cavalry is charging in on the flank. So.

    Large Unit: Gets 6 attacks. It puts 2 dice on one small unit, 2 dice on the other small unit (That’s more then 1/2 to the front) and 2 dice on the flank.

    Each small unit gets 4 dice each to use on their fronts.

    The cavalry gets 6 on its attack to the flank (not 12 as dice are only doubled when shooting, or enfilading, a target. Yes?)

    Please clarify if I have this right.



    Big Al

    Hi George,


    A large unit gets 8 attacks, not 6. Other than that you are correct on everything that you have mentioned.

    Oh, and the large unit now suffers a -1 on all of its to hit rolls because it is fighting to its flank.

    If you wanted to, you could place all of the large unit’s attacks to the front and not place any against the cavalry – the rule is that you have to place at <i>least</i> half of its attacks to to the front. There is no requirement to place any to the flank if you didn’t want to, so which is the easier or weaker target and concentrate on it. The Combat Resolution combines all the results,  declaring which side wins or if it is a draw, so it doesn’t matter where you place your attacks.

    Remember that if the combat is drawn, cavalry will always fall back, regardless of status and all units that are shaken must take a break test. If the large unit can withstand the initial contact and if you place all your attacks against the small units, there is a decent chance that it can survive and turn the tables. That extra stamina level could just help.


    Thank you, Big Al 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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