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    So I have played a couple of learning games with my local group.

    My line infantry was charged by Cav.  I formed square and thought I could shoot.  Form square says you can’t, Prussian Square seems like it says you can.  Though it says you have to be in Attack Column which I was, until I had to Form Square.

    Can someone help a noob out 🙂



    So… are you playing Core Rules or Clash of Eagles Expanded rules?  Or the revised Waterloo epic (which is somewhere in the middle… but I dont have a copy so cant comment further on that)

    Now irrespective of that…

    If charged in the front when your flanks arent secured by either a unit in square, building or table edge if your unit has ‘must form square’ (which 90% of units in Napoleonics do) then your charge reaction must be FORM SQUARE.  If your flanks are secure then you can give the charge reaction of CLOSING FIRE!  If forming square then you cant fire… its iether or.

    Now where the difference in the rules comes in is the test to form square – in the core rules you always form a square unless  your roll a double 1 with a double 6 meaning its disordered.
    Clash of Eagles makes is a standard order check with failure by 1 making a disordered square, anything worse leaves you in a disordered state of base formation (ie line or coloumn).  Now Prussian Square  /solid square is that if you are in column then you’ll follow the standard rules (double 1 = disordered base state, double 6 disordered square)

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