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    Good afternoon!

    I am new to Warlord Gaming but quickly falling in love with Cruel Seas. I have read extensively and ordered my starter set and Royal Navy and Kriegsmarine fleets. While they are on the way, I was wondering if there were any painting tips or guides that I could look through?

    I very much enjoy the look of the set pieces on the website but was looking for weathering techniques that a coastal ship may have endured.

    Thank you very much for your assistance!

    invisible officer

    I assume that you are not new to painting.

    Dry brushing with a VERY small bit of rust is OK and also light Grey / White traces of salt, But not too much.

    The vessels stayed a lot of time in harbor.
    Much time for the coxwain to prevent idle hands…….

    One blunder that I saw is rust on wooden hulls like Vospers.
    Typical places for rust are the areas around the anchor.

    Salt traces come from places that collect water.
    Wooden decks, like on M-Boot or Trawler, should get a washing. Dirty, I use brown / black.


    Thank you for the information, and the heads up about the rusty Vospers!

    Is there any typical guideline to “light grey on top, dark grey hull” for Kriegsmarine or Royal Navy? Any guidance on this front would be appropriated, as all pictures seem to have different coloration. Thank you.

    invisible officer

    Kriegsmarine had dark grey or black painted metal decks, Wood decks mostly just painted with protective stuff but some ships with camo had them painted late war.

    In General the upper parts of ships got painted light, mast tops even white to blend with Skyline.

    Ships operating only at night got light grey hulls, strange but it works. Less visible than dark colors.

    S-Boote normally had “Schnellbootweiß” sides. An extremely light Grey. Those that had to operate in daylight too got darker grey and often even camo.

    In my threads about vessels done I often give explanations about the colors chosen. So … 😉


    Great explanations, thanks. I am now looking for more of your threads.

    Is Schnellbootweiss a stone-gray color? I have several great stone-grays (like Rakarth Flesh but I have several from Vallejo, too) but they are not the same as the regular, cold grays. I am wondering if I can use those warm grays on the German boats as a base.

    If so, they will look nice and different from the British ones.


    You can see a paint chip sample for Schnellbootweiss on this page (just click the color sample sheet to enlarge)

    You can see paint chips for other navies at this link:

    invisible officer

    Schnellbootweiß was White with a drop of Grey.

    A small one. 😉

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