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    Dr Dave

    It seems hard to believe – but the esteemed owner of Warlord Games has a dark secret – his true passion.

    It’s not dynamic action based games played by ladies and gentlemen for the mere pleasure of the hobby. No!

    It’s turgid DBM competition games played by beardy geeks with 12mm Sassanid Persian armies compiled from months of pouring over even duller army lists!

    Check out this link: http://www.jglwargames.com/doubles-1999-2/

    Scroll down to: 24th place, Peter Brown & John Stallard from the Peterborough club (?) with an Early Samurai army, circa 1100 AD and a total of 20 pts!

    “Shame, shame – what would the Queen say?”

    I ask Mr Stallard for an explanation and I ask the membership – can he be forgiven?

    Charge The Guns

    Well, I’m sure we’ve all done things, as younger men, under the influence of alcohol, that we’re not necessarily proud of now.

    I note with interest that his partner in this nefarious competition was one Peter Brown. Could this be the same Peter Brown, author of Last Argument of Kings? Was this how Mr. Brown got to write the supplement? Was it this sensitive information that gave him ‘leverage’, as I believe it is known?

    I believe the ‘Peterborough’ connection can be explained as well. ‘Peterborough’ was the code name for a long defunct underground cell of the Wargaming Illuminati (WI). I believe they were trying to undermine the strangle hold of WRG on the market. We’re they successful? You be the judge.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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