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    Sven Lovstrom

    Hello. What amazes me a bit is that warlord have not made any Austrians.
    They where a major combatant during the Napoleonic wars.
    So when can we expect some plastic Austrians?

    Charge The Guns

    Hi Sven. Although they don’t produce any Napoleonic Austrians themselves I did see this on their web store:

    The Austrians are a very pretty army. Distinctive uniforms, and the cavalry were very good. Perhaps Warlord will get around to them one day?


    Where are rules for Austrians? Or has anyone here come up with rules for them?


    A Clash of Eagles supplement includes lots of rule for Austrians

    Paul Goldstone

    I’ve got an Austrian army I really enjoy playing with. There were three main differences from their French opponents:
    1. For various reasons (social, political, inexperience…) the Austro-Hungarian generals tended to be cautious. So we play it that most Austrian generals are Staff Rating 7 or Cautious.
    2. Avant-Garde brigades of light cavalry regiments and infantry battalions. Usually supported by Wurst mounted artillery (which functionally is no different from other horse artillery but looks cool).
    3. BIG infantry battalions, usually much bigger than French battalions. So the Austrian battalions are mostly Large.


    Building an Austrian army in plastic is well covered, so far, I have resisted the temptation to build one.

    The Wurst artillery should be less mobile than regular horse artillery but cheaper, guns in general have to be done using metal figures.

    Perry actually produce the  box along with a recently introduced box of cavalry which may well also be available via Warlord . Both of these boxes have so many options to them that they cover almost all you need.

    Warlord Polish Lancers and French Hussars could be used as Uhlans and Hussars – other manufacturers are out there.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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