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    I think the Allies should have units with the “fanatics” and “horror” special rules. Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union have ‘em…..why not England and the United States? Why should the villains be only ones with the nightmare fuel and “fight to the death” types?


    Welp……..that’s just my way of saying that I want to play as the Americans but I want the scary crazy stuff.


    Well… I can only guess reason being, as you said, because ”only villains use horror…” …and Allies want to have their ”Hero image”…



    Then again… could imagine that the Allied Command could create something out desperation, using a “the ends justify the means”- type argument and viewing it as a “necessary evil” to stop the Axis and pro-Soviet alliances from enslaving the world and keeping it a secret from the American and British public, perhaps having these hypothetical unit mostly working with the OSS.

    Maybe having these units be EXTREMELY controversial amongst Allied generals and troops.

    Perhaps a unit with the “Fanatics” special rule is the product of a creepy yet successful K47 Rift-tech equivalent to the horrific real life (also pointless, stupid and unsuccessful) MK-Ultra.

    but I understand why Warlord Games could choose not to implement this so I don’t mind if they don’t.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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