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    invisible officer

    I got two of the nice Warlord KFK.   The model represents the submarine hunter version of KFK 1 – 157. They had Depth Charges and 1x 3,7 cm and 1. 2 cm AA.   Minesweepers had just 2 x 2 cm AA.


    They had a “Spitzgatt” aft, from KFK 18 on the “Spiegelheck” was flat. That allowed an easier building.

    Soon the Allied superiority in the air made increased AA necessary. The aft gun became a double barrel 2 cm and in front position a 2 cm quad or a 3,7 cm AA.


    I decided to add three scratch later war KFK to my collection. More than 700 KFK are built, over 100 are lost. My 5 saw some 300 more in the building yards.  Many became fishing trawlers / Fischkutter. That option was intended from the drawing board.  Sweden delivered many in wartime, pretending to think that they are fishing vessels. Naturally the Kriegsmarine added arms .

    invisible officer

    More added


    Was each vessel supposed to carry the same armament, or would there have been a mix of weapons so that a group of (say) five vessels – as you have – would carry guns to meet every eventuality?

    invisible officer

    They got what was available. Begging and stealing.   In general those with Vorposten units had more and heavier than those with minesweeping ones.

    It was a slow process. Even the large Vorpostenboote had to wait long for better guns and steel shields.



    In first post is a typo, not from 18 but KFK 158 the new hull form was used.


     Minesweepers had just 2 x 2 cm AA.

    Quick question – does that mean two separate guns, each of 2 cm calibre, or one gun with two x 2 cm barrels?

    invisible officer

    2 x  single 2 cm guns


    Thanks, K.

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