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    invisible officer

    I got two of the nice Warlord KFK.   The model represents the submarine hunter version of KFK 1 – 157. They had Depth Charges and 1x 3,7 cm and 1. 2 cm AA.   Minesweepers had just 2 x 2 cm AA.


    They had a “Spitzgatt” aft, from KFK 18 on the “Spiegelheck” was flat. That allowed an easier building.

    Soon the Allied superiority in the air made increased AA necessary. The aft gun became a double barrel 2 cm and in front position a 2 cm quad or a 3,7 cm AA.


    I decided to add three scratch later war KFK to my collection. More than 700 KFK are built, over 100 are lost. My 5 saw some 300 more in the building yards.  Many became fishing trawlers / Fischkutter. That option was intended from the drawing board.  Sweden delivered many in wartime, pretending to think that they are fishing vessels. Naturally the Kriegsmarine added arms .

    invisible officer

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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