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    Eric Fontaine

    Have a custom, themed or made up what if senario or mission you would like to share with the community? Look no further. We can not wait to see it!

    Cat Shot One

    Is it possible to obtain the Pegasus Bridge scenario separately from the boxed set?

    HellRaiser 7

    I’ve been running the Scenario of Arnhem
    Bridge, the day after the British Airborne
    Secured it. The next morning the 9thh SS
    Recon tried to retake the Bridge but were
    Wiped out. ( what the Movie a Bridge to Far doesn’t show is LTC Frost had six 6lbs
    Guns around the bridge). I know I got the game play down pretty fairly ( with the help of fellow gamer friends test playing it with me) cause the Germans have won
    5 times and the British four times. I use it for demos and run it at gaming conventions and hobby stores. I have from beginners to experience players who play it and they love it and have a blast.Im still working on it ( probably will for two more years, LOL)

    HellRaiser 7

    Here another pic of my Arnhem Bridge Scenario that I ran a few weeks ago at the Warlord Con in Oklahoma City. It shows the Germans trying to secure at least two of the buildings which will give them a Najor Victory.

    HellRaiser 7

    Try again to upload more pics of my Arnhem Bridge Scenario.


    So you played Bolt Action … and you may have played tank war, or wanted too … but every troop comander wants his troops mechanized … in WW2 that ment half tracks , lots of them … sooo …

    A half track war , totally mechanized infantry with mechanized support vs more of the same …

    1 commander in half track + other HQ options from army list (must fit into transports but don’t have to take for self if can fit in othets)

    2-4 troop selections from base list , must have half track transport

    0-1 AA gun mounted in half tack
    0-1 mortar mounted in halftrack
    0-1 artillery mounted in halftrack

    0-1 Armored car
    0-1 Tank

    Within agreeable range … for example brit
    universal carriers should count as halftracks , tankets could count for half tracks for mortar/artillery mounts … ect …

    Just a pondering of possibilities but … Open to others expanding the horizon, ie open to input …

    HellRaiser 7

    Here’s another pic of the Germans trying to seize two buildings by the Bridge. If they Capture two buildings it’s a Major Victory.


    Just use the Tank War Rules for example with the US you could take:

    2 x M16 Half Tracks as your “Tank Choices” then accompany that with infantry that must have transport in this case M3 Half Tracks.

    Also you could 75mm and 105mm Half Track SPGs as well in the “tank choices”.

    Germans can do even more and fill almost all slots with Half Tracks.


    I’ve written up my own quick play narrative rules based of a similar concept for an older game called CrossFire. The orginal rules, called Mac’s Missions, are here: http://balagan.info/macs-missions-v3-revised-pick-up-games-for-crossfire

    There is much more detailed explained in the file. The rules are very quick and simple condensed to just a 8.5×11 sheet of paper. Also included are 12 mission cards which give further detail about the VPs.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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