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    Clive Sutherland

    A few suggestions for you:
    Firstly, another vote for the Ood. Then:
    The Family of Blood and Scarecrows – Human Nature/Family of Blood (10th Dr)
    Brother Lassar and Krillitanes – School Reunion (10th Dr)
    Dalek Sec and Pig Slaves – Daleks of Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks (10th Dr)
    Prisoner Zero, Barney Collins + dog and female patient + 2 daughters – The Eleventh Hour (11th Dr)
    Saturnynes (both fish and female form) – Vampires of Venice (11th Dr)
    Krynoids – Seeds of Doom (4th Dr)
    Reapers – Father’s Day (9th Dr)
    The Swarm – Planet of the Dead (10th Dr)
    Marshmen – Full Circle (4th Dr)
    Mutants – The Mutants (3rd Dr) / Brain of Morbius (4th Dr)
    And then of course there could be packs that just included a couple of larger single monsters such as:
    Giant Wasp – Unicorn & the Wasp (10th Dr)
    The Mara – Kinda/Snakedance (5th Dr)
    Anti-Matter Creature – Planet of Evil (4th Dr)
    The Fendahl – Image of the Fendahl (4th Dr)
    The Foretold – Mummy on the Orient Express (12th Dr)
    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s hoping you keep producing models for many years to come!

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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