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    Paul Sawyer

    Which faction are you still looking forward to being introduced to the Exterminate! game?

    Dante Darko-Moss

    Weeping angels With cherubs
    I see they as both hazards and playable.
    Angels come in 3 forms
    the leader is Angel Bob
    Regular Angels
    Broken Angles ( there are slower cant hit as well but can “Grow into regular angels)

    Cherubs are in either single units or swarms (eacher to hit) their melee weapon Displaces an enemy unit that is hit towards your angles.
    single Cherubs should be able to grow Swarms cannot.

    I also came up with a “Blink” mechanic which involes rolling the die and seeing in the enemy “blinks” allow a single angel to move even is they are Qaunt locked.

    I see them as a big box set with angels having interchangeable upper torsos for the weeping and “attack” posses. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a Sally Sparrow Promo figure for having buying multiple boxes of angels.

    Angels as a faction should win by removing a character from the board more VPs for growing angles/ removing half an enemy faction or removing an entire enemy faction.
    Roger has seen my base concept and i have the files if needed :).

    I’d also like to see Gask Mask Zombies they group in large numbers and are Contagious where after being hit in melee you become one of them unless treated by a doctor.

    i see Jamie/ the empty child be a game hazard that you cant attack and can only be removed when he finds his mummy :).

    Nick Wheeler

    The Yeti
    UNIT – classic & modern.
    Classic daleks

    Slightly lower down the list, but still things I’d like to see –
    War Machines

    Nick Wheeler

    Forgive the double post, but I don’t appear to have an edit button on my phone.

    I am surprised the Ood haven’t cropped up yet, especially considering they’ve appeared in multiple episodes and been both friendly and antagonistic. Red eyed terrors or allies – it’s entirely up to you.


    I would like a few different ones.
    I’d like a Two Doctors set featuring an Androgum set that can either be its own faction or part of the Sontarans. We get Androgum-converted 2nd and 6th Doctors (who can over time convert other Doctors if not eliminated, Dastari who can convert other characters into Androgum, Chessene, Shockeye and Major Varl and Stike can be released as a concurrent set.

    I’d like a couple of War Games sets. One with the War Chief and the War Lords, and one with the human resistance. Both sets having cards that allow us to use miniatures from the historical Warlord Games ranges.

    An Allies of The Master set for a Master Faction with Auton Happy Heads, The Master disguised as the Adjudicator, Lucy Saxon, and alternate Master Faction cards for existing sets such as Ogrons and Sea Devils.

    A Five Doctors set with a sculpt of the Hurndall First Doctor, a Raston Warrior Robot, Borusa, Chancellor Flavia, the Castellan, and an older Susan. With special cards that allow Borusa to “kidnap” other Factions pieces into his own Borusa faction (with a Death Zone themed map).

    A Terileptils with their Android (and a Richard Mace figure please) could be interesting.

    Security Forces like Marc Cory and Sara Kingdom and Commander Scott would be welcome.

    Paul Sawyer

    The Ogrons are already available…

    Andrew Parker

    Hi Paul

    I’m stretching it with two, but I thought it’s one from the classic series, and one from the new series. 🙂

    New Series – Silurians. Well trained and fierce soldiers with a great distinctive look, masked or unmasked. They would make a great set of soldiers, and/or command set.

    Classic Series – Yeti (Web of Fear version). Tall, furry, and programmed to kill. Dormant until activated these robot monsters can shake off rifle fire and would make excellent adversaries for the game. With the story mostly recovered it would be great to see them in the game as well.

    For the new series it was a tough one as I really want to see Weeping Angels as well, especially as they are very iconic of the new series.


    I think Classic and Modern UNIT troopers, plus a boxed set of the main UNIT characters.

    Classic could be The Brig, Benton, Yates, Osgood (the tech Sergeant) and Captain Hawkins.

    Modern would be Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, Petronella Osgood, Colonel Mace, Private Carl Harris and Captain Magambo


    I’d love to see the Unit ‘family’
    3rd Doc and Jo, the Brig, Yates, Benton and a land rover!

    Paul Sawyer

    Some good calls here – keep ’em coming!


    Weeping angels would be a nice addition but what about torchwood?. The original or capt Jack’s welsh group (went to cardiff and visited the site of torchwood).
    You could use modern day special forces as unit troops but it would be nice on characters


    Weeping angels would be a nice addition but what about torchwood?. The original or capt Jack’s welsh group (went to cardiff and visited the site of torchwood).
    You could use modern day special forces as unit troops but it would be nice on characters
    Gwen in her uniform and hi-vis .. and a land rover 90.


    Adding my vote to the original unit but also for a Talons of Weng Chiang set. Jago and Litefoot meet the Paternosters……

    Jeff Brewer

    Not a faction, but two miniatures I would like:

    . general release of K-9;
    . Chameleon.

    Perhaps as an AI Companions set?

    Trying to think of any others that fit into this “category”…


    Gus Zepnick

    just cards for “historical” soldiers.

    .. it is less important in the current series, but there were so many times in the old ones where the Doctor and his companions would arrive in or near an important historical battle.

    so just something like :
    20th century infantryman with rifle
    musket armed infantry
    ancient/medieval archer
    ancient medieval warrior (armoured/unarmoured)

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