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    Cat Shot One

    To my knowledge, the Luftwaffe expansion pack was meant to contain the “Big Game Hunters” card (which you need for the new D-Day scenario). Preparing to play the scenario, I just realized that it appears to be missing from the box I got. Since other last minute changes occured (the “Agile” card is not green as shown on the box), I wonder if it is really missing or got deleted at some point. Can anybody confirm?


    Unfortunately I had a lot of mispack in my recent BRS acquisition.
    Both RAF and Luftwaffe packs had doubled and missing cards. One ace box was missing an ace card too.
    I just contacted warlord’s support and they send the missing cards.

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    I can confirm that the card is missing from your deck, as I do have it in mine. The card reads as follows…

    Big Game Hunters”
    Special weapons and tactics could be deadly against multi-engine aircraft.

    Bonus: Heavy Hitter
    Play: On a friendly plane shooting at a disadvantaged multi-engine plane.
    Do: An undodged critical hit will inflict two boom chits on the target aircraft.
    Test to retain card: Gunnery Test


    Thanks for mentioning that Koin-Koin. I have the ‘Pick’ Pickard mosquito ace box that is missing his ace card as well.

    I had better ask warlord to send it along with my next order 👍🏼

    Cat Shot One

    Thanks a lot, guys.
    The support folks will send me the missing card. In the meantime, I can improvise, by courtesy of Jesse 🙂

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