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    if i choose a speed, do i have to move the full distance for that speed? for example, if i choose to move at full speed, can i choose a distance between combat speed and the total full speed. and where would i be able to make the third turn?

    Thanks for the help


    Answer yes, you must move the full distance.
    You can choose to make one turn at the end of each full third of movement you use.
    I.e. a Vosper travelling at a full speed must move the full 36 cm.
    This Vosper may make a (Red) 45-degree turn once it moves 12 cm. A second turn can be made at 24 cm and the last turn once it completes its last 12cm of movement (36 cm).

    Cheers 🙂

    Witch Racer

    If a Vosper is going at slow speed can it turn once after 4 cm again after 8 cm and also after 12 cm EG after a after 1/3 of its movement.

    Bill McGill

    No, you turn once at the end of a slow move. You get to turn once at the end of each 1/3rd of the maximum move, so once at slow, twice at combat speed and 3 times at fast speed.


    I cannot understand the thinking behind the rule that ships must move the full distance for each speed band as this makes it impossible to have ships moving in formation if they have different speeds, which is something that was done in the real world.

    invisible officer

    It was not easy to move in formation with vessels of different economic speeds.

    Typical order on board of a vesssel was for x revolutions, not x knots. With waves and wind the real speed over ground was a guess.

    If you read the reports from convoys you find the problems of the ships in a column to keep the distances. In one moment falling back and in next nearly crushing in the Stern of the one in front.

    The rules show that nicely.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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