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    invisible officer

    The Kriegsmarine needed many escort vessels, minesweepers, Vorpostenboote and submarine chasers in particular. So do I.

    In 1941 a new standard design ASW vessel was ready for production. Orders got placed for 25 vessels in Bremerhaven, Rendburg, Papenburg and Hamburg. The hull was designed with post war use as big Atlantic fishing trawlers in view. The result was an excellent sea vessel that could operate in all weathers.

    The coal burning engine gave it a speed of 12,8 kts, so it was not faster than most escorted steamers. Armed with 1x 8,8 cm SK gun, 1x 3,7 cm and up to 9x 2 cm, here 8 mounted in two quads. Six Depth Charge throwers with 120 DC are the main arming. Crew 1 Officer and 60 men. Like most German vessels it had some minesweeping equipment. And naturally sonar.

    The vessels started to get ready for front use from 1943 on. Similar to Vorpostenboote they got a number from the Flottille they got assigned to.

    For example KUJ 22 became UJ 1409, the ninth boat of 14th flotilla. 23.5..1944 it was mined and towed to La Pallice. The flotilla base was Lorient and the vessel was not repaired.

    Only 21 became operational. A version with helicopter landing area did not go post drawing stage. Many got lost. (4 to mines, 3 by submarines, 3 in action with British cruisers, 2 by aircraft and 1 by MGB)

    Mines had been a big hazard for the KUJ. 21.12.44 three KUJ (7,11 and 16) sank at the Norwegian coast (Feiestein Rinne) on a minefield laid by Free French submarine Rubis. From that convoy R 402 and steamer Weichselland sank too. Some 94 men died in the disaster.

    KUJ1 (UJ1219) was torpedoed 20th October 44 by Soviet submarine V-4 at Nordkyn. KUJ8 (UJ1220) was sunk 12th Oct. by torpedo from Soviet submarine V-2 at Berlevog. KUJ21 (UJ1209) was sunk 20th June 1944 by torpedo from Soviet submarine S-104 in Tana Fjord

    KUJ 9 (UJ1433) was sunk 2tth August 1944 by British MGB (252,254,256, 257) at Cape Antifer.

    KUJ10 (UJ1224) was sunk 15th Sept. 1944 by Soviet aircraft in the Kongs Fjord. KUJ13 (UJ1210) was sunk 9th Oct.1943 by British aircraft at Gotenhafen.

    KUJ14 (UJ1713), KUJ15 (UJ1221) and KUJ25 (UJ1223) were sunk 13th Nov. 1944 by British cruisers Kent, Bellona and destroyers Myngs, Verulam, Zambesi, Algonquin at Aegersunn. HM forces had attacked the German convoy K.S, 357 with four steamers, two sank. Apart from the KUJ the escorting M 416 and 427 are sunk too.

    invisible officer

    The model is totally built from scratch, incl. the guns. Again Balsa wood, cardboard, some wire and wood filler.

    And a convoy pic from today. Now all I need is a black rubber duck.

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