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    william ciattoni

    I’ve just realized both of my cards for my KI-43 are not the KI-43 ll, but the KI-43.  I bought the squadron box and the Japanese card expansion. Also I have two versions of the A6M2. One with tight turn and one with no stalling. What am I missing here?
    mid certainly like the KI-43II card which seems like a better version of the plane.


    Hi William

    You’re not missing anything, it’s just the game has developed. Initially when the expansion sets were released the idea was these were to allow players to use 3rd party or proxy models until Warlord caught up. When it came around to releasing the A6M2 model Andy took the opportunity to introduce a new trait – No Stalling – which better represents the early Zeros (and Oscars) phenomenal low speed turn ability but restricts it to low speed. You can use either but the new version is more accurate on the whole.

    The Oscar Ki43 II Squadron set should come with a new revised card – if you don’t have it you should contact Warlord Customer Service who will send you the correct card

    Hope this helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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