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    Just been playing the game and found a couple of things.

    First and most important is the lack of a Quick play sheet and a weapons reference sheet. Took a while but I’ve made a start in on that

    Second is a question about armoury cards. Keep them and re use them or discard on use? Been discarding them on use so far, as it seems fair. Although I could see a reason for retaining them after a successful Cool Test.

    Quick Ref  and weapon ref sheet attached, If anyone is interested. Let me know if there are any glaring problems and I’ll update it.

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    Hi Wolf!

    Many thanks for the reference sheets! I’m sure these will come in real handy!

    Unfortunately, despite owning pretty much everything the game has to offer (huge Dredd fan), I haven’t been able to actually start playing the game yet (nobody is willing to learn the rules/play with me. Table too small. Haven’t assembled any of the minis etc.) so I’m not able to answer your question.

    You may have already noticed too that nobody seems to post or respond here (besides myself) and even Warlord don’t answer questions so you may be better off asking elsewhere… If you find a forum or place with an active online community for this game, please let me know!



    So far only managed three games myself. It works fairly well although there is the odd glitch like when you roll to hit it is only a roll to hit not how many times you hit, otherwise the weapons are way too OP. It also explains why one dodge would overcome 5 or more hit tokens.

    If you get a choice of weapons to use Stump guns. At close range are by far the best in a fight.

    Not found another active forum for this game, but I was looking at writing some scenarios for a short campaign when I get around to it I’ll post them here.

    Must admit I’d like to see some Sov Judges and possibly a wasteland expansion set with the rest of the Angel gang. On the off chance WG is looking in.

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    Aren’t armoury cards are both discard on use (unless the model has a rule to keep it – like judges do with lawgivers) and retain like resporators


    What Nat said.  Unless the character has a special rule or the card says retain after using (or similar) all the cards are single use.  Haven’t played in a couple years so I could be forgetting something.


    Hi !

    Thanks for the reference sheet.
    I think there is a small mistake in the “Concussion” special column. You wrote ‘ Stun Will cause 1 wound even if all
    saved’, but I think the correct wording is ‘Stun Will cause 1 stunned even if all saved’.

    BTW, do you have the original file ? I would like to edit it a bit. Thanks !



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