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    Rough Rider

    I am sorry to hear about your father John. I am glad to hear that he died peacefully in hospice though.

    On a happier note, your Concord drone looks good; I think I prefer that darker shade light tone to the studio colours.

    John Mathews

    Thanks Rough Rider.

    Got some terrain done this morning. I cut the templates for small terrain pieces out of the Kar’ A nine set and made the base out of Vinyl Commercial Tile (roughly $.66 per square foot from Lowe’s or Home Depot). Matching the base material to the basing I’m doing on my models.
    With models mixed in to show off the match.
    Blue plants are new purchases from yesterday from a fish/pet store.
    Blue trees
    Rest are plastic plants from dollar store or Hobby Lobby.

    John Mathews

    Had an extremely productive couple days of terrain making. Picked up some floral arrangements from hobby lobby and a pet store.
    The pot has just been converted into a building using a doorway from my bits box.
    Pot house
    Space left on the base to get some scatter terrain and foliage.
    Also made some more scatter terrain using the templates from Kar’A nine to cut out bases.
    More jungle
    The middle one has my first attempt at a termite mound made out of a cork and hot glue.

    John Mathews

    Well I’ve been cracking on with more terrain. I’ve never made a river before, but always wanted one. So this is my first attempt. First section is 6” long with the “water” being 1.5” wide and whole roughly 3.5-4” wide.
    The Elmer’s glue is still drying here. The liquid will hopefully be a reddish color when I’m done after all the layers.
    Update on the house.
    I still need to finish the front door, but otherwise I believe it’s done.
    Has a little side garden.

    Edit2: eBay has been running some great deals for US only. This week they did $25 off a $119 order. I scored 2 Ghar starters sets with shipping for $107.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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