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    Richard Trevor

    Hi All,

    I this is more a tacitcal question than anything else, with the coming of the new Commonwealth Infantry for Bolt Action, I am busy planning a LRDG/SAS/SBS Platoon, either using the selectors from either the Western Desert Book or the on from the British Book – Behind Enemy Lines.

    How would these selectors satnd up against a list that would maybe bring one tank. Does Infantry stand a chance against them.



    I’m not a big fan of the infantry vs tank rules. I was looking at an SAS list as well. But, by having no direct anti tank capability, it is making me reconsider. Since the unit size is fairly small, needing at a minimum a 4+ to hit and that is if you can catch the vehicle immobilized or without an order. So, if you roll well you might be able to take out an 8+ vehicle. Which is fine for early war, which is when they are built for. But most players will be taking heavies in their lists.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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