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    tas 1812

    Hi all,

    I’ve been toying with the use of a couple of squads inexp. troops in my Japanese Army. namely

    15 inexp Militia (green, rifles only)
    15 inexp Militia (green, rifles only)
    1 Kempetai Political officer (inexp. show your loyalty – green units with 6″ re-roll test)

    and it’s been working fairly well. Generally these blobs start deployed in cover where possible, and more often than not are upgraded to regs with the kempetai re-roll. If they stay inexp the numbers definitely help 🙂

    I’ve had mixed sucess with volksgrenadiers in LW German lists (they’ve proved useful in freeing up some points and occasionally level up)

    I’ve also been on the receiving end of hordes of inexp Russians… so seems to work…

    Any thoughts or what are you using?



    Marc Titley

    Last year I met with a friend and played several scenarios from the Battle of the Bulge book. I had the German army and was forced to take several inexperienced (green) troops. My experience was mixed, if they were promoted to regular or veteran they were great. If I rolled a 1 then it was a disaster and they were out of the game. Generally I used them to hold the line behind cover. In attack , moving and starting with a 4 to hit when shooting they were generally ineffective. Over the weekend I was playing Japanese and took some inexperienced bamboo warriors. They generally died reasonably quickly but kept my opponent busy which allowed my other troops to advance reasonably unscathed. I like your idea and may try that in future games with my Japanese army.


    I play British, and I tired them a few times , but they were always Green, in this case Home Guard units. I’d rather stick a truck with a machine gun, or AT grenades, a veterancy somewhere or even, yes a medic, than spend at bare minimum 35 pts for 5 guys with worse leadership, shooting abilites, and easier time to wound.

    Green is really the only tipping point in favour of taking inexperienced troops in my opinion. But like Mike Titley said, roll a one and you end up with a wasted unit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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