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    Hey guys,

    Do you think Warlord games will give us an official IJN Yubari model eventually? I think that it probably won’t happen for awhile, they have not even made the Brooklyns, Des Moines, Sendais, or even the Atlantas yet. Which is why I made my own stat card for it (I’ll share it if requested) and found a 3d printable model.

    And secondly, how viable do you think it would be to run? Just looking at it’s historical use and my own homebrewed stats, (which I have not tested yet) I would imagine that it would function like a destroyer killer, hunting down those pesky DDs with its light gun armament, and using it’s torps and speed as a deterrent against larger ships. On paper it wouldn’t quite be a “destroyer-on-steroids”, because of it’s small torpedo armament. But it would probably be a good cheap unit to run, and a lot of fun for a Guadalcanal campaign.



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