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    Mark Stanoch

    How should the Kriegsmarine crew be deployed on the S boats?

    invisible officer

    On patrol two men are at the lookout posts on top of Bridge, but These are missing and most will have them in Action Station.

    2 men at bow 2cm. Gunner and loader (Not enough space in model….)

    The 2 cm aft in early boats had up to four men. Gunner, loader, amo carrying guy and gun CO.

    The 3,7 cm or 4 cm had a crew of three to four and a gun CO.

    The cm Vierling had up to six and gun CO. But often just 4.

    1 man at end of torpedo tube to fire in case of malfunction. He was also the one that opened the tube door.

    The helmsman was inside the wheelhouse with Radio and motorman. On the Bridge we have the CO, his second and 1 – 2 Ratings.

    The light MG had one man each. Fixed on pintles at different positions.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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