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    G Scase

    Take 4 contiguous units charging 4 enemy contiguous units :-

    a) we’ve treated them as 4 individual combats not one engagement. Each combat worked out, through to follow ups and advances, before moving on to the next. e.g. If the left hand unit wins and drives its opponent back then they can follow up regardless of the fact that it’s in a supporting position to the next unit.  Some play that if it stays then it can fight again as a support in the same turn- others say it can’t

    b) I am now of the opinion that you fight the combats separately, but then treat it as one engagement with one side the winner or the loser. e.g. If units A,B and D win by 2 each and unit C loses by 4; the overall result is a +2 win and the enemy units test individually at -2. Is this correct? Also, if  for example enemy D is the only one to stand its ground, My Unit C cannot follow up because it must stay as a support as it has a corner contact to its front.

    As an aside, Pike and Shotte (page 70) clearly shows a diagram of an engagement being decided this way when dealing with a contiguous enemy; but Black Powder Version 2 clearly suggests that each individual combat is a separate engagement even if the units are contiguous.

    Any advice much appreciated


    Big Al

    A) You have been playing it correctly. As winner of the combat, you can follow up or stand and support the next unit in the next combat. This is straight from the author in one of the now defunct forums, but if he was on here, he would confirm. Secondly to that, if the losing unit were to break as a result, then the winners could make a Sweeping Advance/Charge into the flank of the enemy unit that is going to fight in the next combat! Those that you mention who say that you can’t are incorrect, but then, that is their choice.


    B) No, you split them up as seperate combats, as per the rules. Wherever possible, you split the engagements off as seperate combats. Usually, a single engagement with multiple combatants are ones where one unit is engaged to its front and flank at the same time. It is usually obvious whether you can split them off or not.


    C) Now you are mixing rules up. BP2 was updated, but Pike & Shotte, which is based on Black Powder, was put together by a different author and is only basically the same as BP1. If you are playing P&S, stick with those rules and don’t port over BP2. Same with Hail Caesar, although you may notice that some of the new rules in BP2 were taken directly from HC, like the Evade rules.


    hope that helps.

    G Scase

    Many thanks for clearing those points up.

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