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    Mike Wolfe

    I sponsor a gaming club at the middle school where I teach (Grace Snell Middle School).  The club meets every Wednesday after school and the club is open to all students (6th, 7th, and 8th grades) and dedicated to teaching critical thinking and a love of history to kids that have never been exposed to such.  I picked up my copy of “Cruel Seas” during the Covid lockdown from my local hobby shop and thought it would be a good game for the kids.  While, the club was unable to meet last year, I was able to run the game for a group of 6th graders right before Christmas and Summer breaks and the kids loved it.  I had eight students playing from 9:00am to 4:00pm both times and they wanted to continue playing the following school day!  We had our first official meeting for the 2021-2022 school year last Wednesday.  Six 6th graders and four veteran 7th graders showed up and played for two hours.

    The setting was the Mediterranean theater of operations and involved a  a American task force intercepted a mixed German/Italian convoy.

    USS England and Elco attempt to outflank Axis force

    USS England and a Elco sail around the island to out flank the Axis force.



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    Mike Wolfe

    Here are some other pics from the first day.

    The Italians enters from the other end


    Two Italian torpedo boats attempt to head off the American Elco and Higgins boats, only to have one lose 33 hull points for it’s troubles.

    PT Close action Part 1




    invisible officer

    Nice to see a game in a school group. In Germany a teacher doing that would get fired.   101% Pacifism-  Not seeing the difference between game and real world.  But all playing on computer.  Hack and slay.

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