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    I LOVE these new 1/300 boats and ships! Great work, Warlord Games!

    However, I am finding the masts and cranes to be a bit too weak, especially on the Fairmile.

    Can anyone suggest alternatives? Brass rod, toothpicks (more for cranes on larger ships), and so on?

    I already replaced the special-edition U-Boot’s periscopes with paper clip pieces. Not perfect, not tapered and not telescoping, but more durable than the very soft metal that was provided.

    Otherwise, I am very, very pleased with these models! Great job, Warlord!

    invisible officer

    The models shown in the Invisible O. threads have all masts scratched by me.

    I used brass and steel wire and in case of 73ft Type I Vosper rectangular plastic for the special shape.

    The parts are glued with ordinary no Name “super” cyanacrylat glue. It sets by reaction with the water in air so a very small bit of wetness on one part makes it really super fast.


    Thanks, IO.

    Yeah, cyanacrylate is funny in that it “dries” when wet.

    It was actually developed to stop bleeding.


    I used some brass tubing / wire parts for some larger masts. I’d avoid wood in this scale for finer parts like masts, because i think they might warp (over time).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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