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    I wonder which Ships we will egt in future releases.

    It would be nice, when the same Ships could get different Configuations in Model the far future.

    I would like to see (some are surely set)

    Shokaku, Taihou, Shinano (Carrier on Yamato-class), Musashi, Hiryuu, Soryuu, Träger B (Peter Strasser), Weser (Carrier on Hipper-class), Enterprise, Hornet, Illustrious, Victorious, Prince of Wales

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    The Strasser would have been pretty much the same as Graf Zeppelin had it been completed. As such, it would be a pretty low priority for a new ship model.

    Right now, I’m still waiting for an announcement of actual US bombers. So far, the only planes released for the USN are Corsairs and Hellcats. I’m also looking forward to the lighter ships – more destroyer classes, and the various light cruisers, heavy cruisers, light carriers, and escort carriers that were present in the fleets.


    When should we expect to see ship cards being released?



    Ship cards come with the ship models.

    My understanding is that ship stats – independent of the cards – can be found in the full rulebook.


     Träger B (Peter Strasser), Weser (Carrier on Hipper-class), – no stats for these……

    Can confirm that the stats of over 200 ships are in the rulebook….

    I doubt very much that warlord will sell the cards separate from the models…. they dont for other systems where there are competing manufactors

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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