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    Peter Melvin

    Is there any chance the forum can go back to how it was organised before? With each game having separate general/rules/painting sections?
    Having everything just thrown into one pot makes it really hard to not only read, but also to find anything from previous posts.


    Have to agree. Its great thats its back but the format is very off putting.


    I suspect many things will now be different from the previous forum. E.g. we’ve already been warned off posting photos of non-Warlord Games figures, so watch your P’s & Q’s.

    invisible officer

    It’s a bit chaotic on first glimpse but works.
    If you look for your own posts you can use the devices hidden behind your Forum name shown right on top. Under Forums you find that.

    I must confess that I think the new “Warlord only” policy is a step in wrong direction. For example Corso started that thread on Zama based on Hail Caesar. But could not post pics of his lovely elephants (And other forces) because they are not Warlord.
    But Warlord has no republican western elephants, only a nice one for the Successor states. With typical design.
    They sell no Punic wars stuff in the moment.
    More …..I think I remember that warlord in the past sold stuff from the Company XYZ that do the Punic wars.

    Well, I can live with the rule but it does not make me happy.


    Could we be able to edit posts as I seem to be unable(edit button has vanished) and could we have a preview button as before so we can see what our post looks like.

    Thx, G.

    John Mathews

    @gareth, our web guy has been on holiday this week and is soon to return. I’m sure he is looking forward to our list of demands….er requests that we have growing in the MOD forum. Also broken things (possibly that edit button) will be getting attention.

    Battle Brush Sigur

    I have to agree with Invisible Officer there. The forum’s just back up, and yeah, it looks a bit weird, and there’s still stuff to fix and fine-tune. One of these things I very strongly believe requires tuning is any policy regarding minis from other manufacturers than WG.

    A general sticky with forums rules would be nice as well, just so we know what’s what.

    But yeah, that’s stuff to figure out over time. For the time being I’m very happy that the forums are back up. Once the fine-tuning is done i’m sure this can be a great place.


    There will be clarity coming about posting pics of WG and non-WG figures very soon


    Is there a way to report forum posts? If there’s a convenient button, then I’m not seeing it. Something like that would be handy not only for the spam posts that seem to have sprung up over the last few hours, but also in case someone posts something particularly offensive and inappropriate for the forum.

    Battle Brush Sigur

    Oh yes, I second Eumerin’s (another familiar name if I remember correctly) idea. These forums need more buttons.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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