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    hi guys, mainly a Hail Caesar player but using SPQR as quick filler. I know there are rules issues but wondered your takes on if were interpreting these options correctly!

    • Skyclad units get +1 Melee, usual bonus +1 for units over 10 models so hit on 2+ with re rolls from druids. Parry is next to useless against them and they still get an amour save of 6. Seem exceptionally good value for no additional points cost and mash through roman legionary’s very easily.
    • Short spears have no bonus so why would you ever buy them for infantry with a sword? (roman auxiliary infantry as an example)
    • were using the only in base to base fights which seems more intuitive. Only allowing parry if in contact (get so many parry dice per model anyway) We are considering a 3″ pile in rule after each melee to ensure models get involved. Does anyone have any advice on this
    • Celtic warriors can take large shields, slings and go skirmishing… almost impossible to shoot as usually need a 6 and then can parry it away. Means 1 in 36 chance of a bowman landing a hit and then they get a 6+ armour save regardless. is this right
    • does lethal remove the 6+ save or does the 1 and 6 rule always apply?

    thanks, sorry for so many questions!








    Hi John.

    Good questions, all of which most of us have had when we first started playing. SPQR is a really fun game with lots of potential.

    1) Skyclad do get those awesome bonuses which makes them hit really hard. However, with no armor they are vulnerable to getting killed quickly. Britains, Germanians, and Gauls all get this option for their warriors which I think is appropriate and adds a lot of flavor. To defend against them remember your own specials rules like Testudo and Shield Wall. And, don’t forget that ‘everyone’ gets the +1 bonus per 10 men for melee and Will to Fight Checks.

    2) Short spears are cheap as described in the FAQ as 1 denarii each now. If you take one for a unit already equipped with another melee weapon they can effectively dual wield (+1 melee dice) at the expense of putting their shields on their backs only for arrow defense.

    3) The FAQ tried to clear up combat with base to base fighting, but some players have found it tedious. Most players are doing some combination to make systems that work for them. I say do what you like and makes sense to you.

    4) As you can see some factions ranged units are not as effective as others. Some of the mercenary ranged units are incredibly good. I personally love sling units, it’s like throwing axes. However, they are slow and typically used by Tribesmen who aren’t the best shot. Keep in mind that Bows and Slings behave differently. Bows excel where slings fall short and visa versa. A good mass of ranged units can usually make some kills and whittle down the enemy even if they are heavily armored Spartan Hoplites.

    5) Lethal rules cannot remove an armor save entirely… to my knowledge. The 1 and 6 rule should always stand. For slings, axes, charges, etc. if the opponent is unarmored they should still always get a 6+ armor save.

    Hope this helps John. Go have fun.


    really helpful thanks Tim,

    I think like many players were in effect creating our own version 1.1, but your thoughts are really useful



    Agreed. I hope Warlord takes note of all the discussion on this forum.

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