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    Eric Fontaine

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    Hello all:

    I am thinking of starting a Finnish but I am just not sure about the frills/thrills or let downs of them. I want to play something historical but I do not want to focus on the Winter War if possible. I have done some research and they seemed to have used a good variety of captured Soviet armor and also some German supplied items. Any suggestions, feedback would be appreciated.

    See ya,



    The Finns have a ton of variety in their army list, both from a gameplay and a historical point of view. If you aren’t interested in the winter war, there is a lot of interesting fluff in the continuation war/Lapland war to build a list around. Their army rules are very powerful, and they have access to a lot of different choices, which is sort of a rarity amongst the minor powers. Their army special rules sort of lend themselves to lots of regulars with rifles, but I am somewhat partial to the veteran Sissi squads myself. The Master of the Hunt special rule that they also share with the Finnish sniper benefitted enormously from the changes to down and ambush orders in v2. Overall, they are a very infantry centric army and work best when treated as such, but when you get bored with that there’s a nice selection of Finnish/German/Russian armour to play with!


    Thank you Deacon for the information. It is very helpful.

    I actually inventoried what I have finished and unfinished so that I know what I need to do before I can start other projects for fun. Still trying to find opponents in my area; that would motivate the heck out of me!

    See ya,



    In the army book in the “Transports and Tows”-section are truck, T20-Komsomolets and Artillery Tractors as transport vehicles listed.
    The website shows as models for a Finnish army the RSO/01 tractor model.

    The German army book mentions in the small info text as trucks the Opel Blitz and Krupp-Protze.
    There is no army book entry for a tractor, but in the info text of the Sdkfz 7 it is called “…half-track artillery tractor”. RSO info texs says “…fully tracked truck” and Maultier info text “Maultier trucks…” .

    So, my question is what model am I allowed to play as truck or tractor?
    Maultier is my favourite choice, is it legit?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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