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    Ahoy there! Victory at Sea is great, so I’d like to see it ship-shape. Here are a few proof-reading errors I noticed and hope could eventually be fixed in a reprint. Other players have surely noticed them before me, but I thought it might be good to keep a running list in one place. Feel free to add any to the thread that I have missed.


    • Bismarck-class has a base cost of 450 points on the unit card, but Bismarck is 600 points in the Battle for the Pacific’ booklet.
    • Scharnhorst-class’ A and B turrets have an AP of “+1”, but C turret has an AP of “+0”.
    • Königsberg-class cruiser is “Type: Battleship”. [Should be “Type: Cruiser”.]
    • Admiral Hipper-class has the typo trait of “W” for its A turret.
    • Dido-class Phoebe’s 1943 refit upgrades “Mk IX torpedoes” to “Mk IX torpedoes”. [Should be to “Mk IX** torpedoes”, I suspect.]


    • Scharnhorst-class is listed as “Type: Cruiser”. (Surely if it’s between “Cruiser” and “Battleship”, it’s the latter, no? Especially considering that the Kongō-class is “Type: Battleship”.)
    • Königsberg-class Köln has “Add Radar” for both its 1941 and 1942 refits. (Other data cards apply refits sequentially.)
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    I think all of these have been flagged to the warlord team already…., we are waiting for the rulebook to be released (in january) which will over rule the cards.

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