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    invisible officer

    I wanted my second Minensucher to be in early war configuration. Like those ordered in 1939. Apart from many small invisible changes to the original design one thing was visible: The Mitteldeck was no longer covered with wood. (My first in late war aming is a pre 39 order with wood). Only the working area aft still got wood.

    Until 1942 the armament was smaller. 2x 10,5 cm, 1x 3,7 cm gun and two single 2 cm. Most 39 Mob had no 3 sides closed gun shield for the 10,5 cm aft. And no shields at all at the smaller guns. So I had to scratch a 10,5, a 3,7 and two 2cm.

    invisible officer

    The other alterations are similar to the first finished. As I noted there the camo was more typical in early war for Minensucher of 35/39Mob type. So I gave my early one a camo.

    A mini Flotilla ready.
    Well, it was rare to have an S-Boot escort for Minesweepers, R-Boote would be the common little brothers.

    Paul G. Overend

    Lovely! I’m very envious of your talents!

    invisible officer

    Thank you very much.

    In fact I’m sure that most can do the same. With some routine it’s a fast job.

    Well, the research before takes much time, there I have the advantage of decades of professional research.


    Beautiful brushwork! Loving the amazing attention to detail you have included.

    John Stallard

    lovely stuff IO….

    invisible officer

    Thank you.

    I was positively surprised to see it in the camo article.

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