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    Daimler A/C

    I’ve read multiple times that the Daimler Armoured Car in addition to the 2pdr and coaxial Besa MG had a “Bren Light MG for Anti Air defense”.

    However I am unable to find any pictures (wartime, afterwards or even model) of a pintle mounted Bren on a Daimler Armoured Car. The picture included here is the closest, but is certainly not of a Bren (it might be a Vickers K?).

    Does anyone know where the Bren was supposed to be mounted? Was there no pintle at all, so the Bren was supposed to be fired from the bipod?

    Jim Ripley

    That looks like a twin Vickers K gun mount . The usual mount for the AA Bren was called the Lakeman mount , a sort of upside down L looking thing with springs and a bungee cord . It folded up and was stored on the side of the turret . Early Valentines , Crusaders , Churchills and Armored cars used it . Sorry posting pictures is beyond me ….lol

    Dr Dave

    It’s a single Vickers K mount I think and that was pretty unusual anyway. Never seen a Bren on a Daimler.


    That makes two of us, Dave 🙂

    Thanks a lot, Jim! Having the word Lakeman was quite a breakthrough – even though it appears that after Africa the mounts had become very rare and by the time of the Normandy invasions they were all gone, replaced by “Motley” or more commonly “PLM” mounts.

    PLM Mount

    There’s a lot of pictures and great info on various Bren Mounts in this thread: Maple Leaf Up Forum


    Is this the thing in the stowed position ?



    Though I can’t say for sure, I find it highly likely, Gareth. It looks very similar to pictures of a stowed Lakeman mount on a Covenanter Tank.

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