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    Richard Coates

    With the British Royal Navy, German Kriegsmarine, Imperial Japanese Navy and US Navy coming initially, and more to follow, which nation’s fleet are you most excited about in Cruel Seas?

    Joseph Kananowicz

    Well I ordered the starter set, but I am really looking forward to the Italians due out in January, but I think I will pick up the Royal Navy Fleet first


    Ordered the starter set – may look at getting the Italians as well to fight the British between some Greek islands. Building some islands at the moment in preparation.


    Very keen to get started!

    I’m looking at the starter set to begin with. Hopefully I can collect Pacific and the Soviet Navy.

    All the fleets hopefully offer different gameplay and tactics.

    I do have a couple of mates who are keen to play also.

    Paul G. Overend

    I picked up a starter pack but am looking forward to seeing some of the early war stuff being added down the line for Kriesgmarine, British, US and Japan in particular.


    Will the Stats for all future release be included in the main rule book, or will the be included with the release of the models?


    I ordered the starter set but I think in a coastal battle between Finns against Russians.
    And I have some interest in Italians, too.

    John Stallard

    pretty much everything has the stats in the main book… cheers js

    Mark Stanoch

    Were there actions on the Black Sea?

    Paul G. Overend

    Yes, the Germans and Soviets were certainly using fast craft in the Black Sea and I believe the Romanians operated MAS boats there too. Not sure what the Bulgarians were doing.

    Ian Titler

    Ordered the starter set, intending to mainly go british, but, as I have 4 s boats from the magazine, may also play german on occasion.


    I _was_ content to just get the gold edition offer for Cruel Seas, but now I’ve just seen Patrick Ballingers unboxing video of the starter set plus a fleet pack. Now I’m trying to remember what was in the gold edition and the web store link has been taken down now that the pre-sale is over. Can anyone remind me of what was included in the gold edition as I now have ship envy and must acquire more, larger ships!

    invisible officer

    There was a lot of Action in Black Sea. With the Danube being under axis control they could transport goods by ship from Germany to Southern Russia.
    The Germans had many ship types there. Minesweepers, Artilleriefährprähme AFP , Marinefährpräme MFP, Kriegstransporter KP, submarines, Schnellboote and more.
    Romania added Destroyers and more.
    There was also an Italian MTB flotilla und submarines

    Richard Coates

    @glimfeather The Gold Collection included the Starter Set, the Harback Collectors Edition Rulebook in Slipcase, the Merchant Tanker and the surfacing U-Boat that came with the Starter Sets. So it includes the Vospers and S-Boats in the starter, plus the tanker, but no other large ships.


    @Richard Cotes – thank you! I ordered the British and German Fleet boxes this morning and sent a note to the support desk requesting that they ship my Gold collection box and fleet boxes together with the order for BA I sent in last week. Hopefully they can accommodate me even if it means waiting a few more days.



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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