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    Eric Fontaine

    Know of an upcoming event? Wanna spread the word? Post it and as many details as you can here. And lets spread the word!

    Event name
    Event location (Be specific as possible)
    Report times
    List building standards (points, restrictions)
    Max # of players
    Registration site?
    FB link?

    Eric Fontaine

    “Boxcars to Versailles”
    Will be held the 18th to the 20th May 2018

    Reed Conference Center
    5750 Will Rogers Road
    Midwest City, Oklahoma

    Check out for more details.

    Eric Fontaine

    Sounds like they are going for the World Record on this one, will you join them?

    Eric Fontaine

    A local convention in my back yard that has great prize support and does a charity raffle on site for the local animal shelter, this year they will have Bolt Action, Test of Honour, K47, Tank War and Gates of Antares Tournaments among others!

    John Mathews

    I have yet to get into bolt action, but I’ve been tempted. It’s about a two hour drive for me, but it might be doable in October. Thanks for the heads up.

    Charles Sherrange

    There is a bolt action tournament at Historicon in Lancaster, PA on Friday, July 13th.

    9:00am – 7:00pm
    28mm; 750pt lists; 4’ x 4’ tables; 2.5 hour rounds.
    24 players max.
    Check-in will be from 9-9:30am; first game at 10am. Preregister with GM to
    reserve a spot, receive updates and allowances for unit specific information.
    This was submitted before the Tank War book was released.
    Tables will represent European and Eastern European theaters. Prizes will
    be awarded for Best Allied, Axis and Minor Power generals, and Bad Day At
    War. Expect a creative scoring system to break ties of win/loss records for
    determining winners.
    You may select a force of ONE reinforced INFANTRY platoon (no Theater
    Selectors). No vehicles with an armor value 8+. This force may come from
    the Core 2nd Edition Rule book or from one of the Armies of books. Missions
    will be selected from the 2nd Edition core rule book. Expect tables of various
    terrain density and type.
    There will be NO special rules. 2
    nd Edition Bolt Action Rules as written and
    the new FAQ at the time of play. There will be no painting requirement. If
    you are a new player, come out with what you have assembled and give the
    game a try. If you need an army, GM should be able to supply one British or
    German army.
    Round 1: 10:00am, Round 2: 1:30pm, Round 3: 4:00pm.



    Hello, I speak on behalf of a great community of Bolt Action players in Spain, our community is called Bolt Action Hispania, we are trying to talk with the ETC team of the year 2019 in Serbia, we need to know how many countries there are interested in playing Bolt Action in ETC, thanks.

    Our Facebook page is

    Paul W

    Having not played since first edition I am curious what resources are out there for finding tournament results for second edition. I am looking for information like nation spread in events. What lists are doing well and so on. It would be a bummer to travel to an event with an old style list only to be trounced by every opponent because tactics are outdated by the new rule edition. What is the current “meta” for Bolt Action 2nd Edition tournaments? Links are appreciated.

    Let’s be honest here, we know there are established dos and don’ts for competitive list building in the game.


    South Africa will be interested.

    We have been to ETC 2015,2016 and 2017 played flames of war. Most of us has switched to Bolt Action. We would be keen to play Bolt action at ETC.

    Or perhaps come to spain for one of your big tournaments


    South Africa, would be welcome, the ETC 2019 of Bolt Action, will be played in Servia in 2019, we are in contact with the ETC team, when we have news we are informing you THANKS.

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