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    Hello friends.
    If a British (standard) unit forms a square because there are enemy cavalry nearby, (on its movement turn, and before being charged by that cavalry), it could eventually use the first fire with 2 dice from a front when on the shooting turn does it?
    Wouldn’t it be a generous benefit to grant him, once formed in a square, and restricted to a single die per face, to allow him a very high firing capacity due to the first fire?
    Thanks for any insight on this.


    So … when you form square you are limited to 1 dice of shooting per face as an attack pool as a standard rule
    first fire – the first time this unit fires it adds one extra die to the firing pool.  If it can split fire, either by being in a building or in a square then it adds that 1 dice to 1 of those attack pools

    So even if the British player doesnt want to use 2 dice from a square side… they kinda have to otherwise they lose the dice.


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    Thank you very much, Nat.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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