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    Ronald Delval

    With what army comp and kits would you guys recommend reproducing the reformed Spartan army of Cleomenes III?

    Information is highly limited.
    Also visually would they use a pseudo carbon copy of the equipment of Macedon. A mix of more Hoplite equipment intermixed with Macedonian equipment elements?

    Any feedback, ideas etc would be much appreciated.

    invisible officer

    Well, the difference between Hoplite and Sarrissa fighter was small.
    Obviously the Sarissa. And the aspis shield instead of spear with the bigger / deeper Hoplon shield.The smaller Macedonian one freed the left hand for handling that long pole.

    The Spartian Reform troops came from a background that lacked large funds, so body armor might be textile and not metal. It was very expensive, but they got land from state and so we can expect state owned Military stuff as help. Typical the spolas. That was common in Sparta for a long time.

    The traditional Spartian sword was small, just 30 cm long.

    The typical late Spartian helmet was the psilos. But crested Hellenistic ones may have been used by the new troops.

    For miniatures I would suggest troops in Antigonid style later Hellenistic. There are good plastic ones available.

    Egyptian financial support gave Cleomenes the funds to hire foreign troops. Cretan archers and Tarentine type horse and other light infantry.

    At Selassia the Periokoi may have been in old hoplite style, fighting along the Pike force.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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