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    Dr Dave

    For years I’ve always been charmed by the film of “BANDIT” and “BULLDOG” in the streets of Uelzen. It’s in the World at War TV series, episode Nemesis. There should be a third tank in the troop – “BUCCANEER” but I can’t identify her in the clips. They are 11 Troop of the 4th Battalion Coldstream Guards. My plan is to build my Churchills – suitably stowed and kit-bashed – to make this troop.

    By this time 4th CGs were operating a mix of Mk IV (6pdr) and VI (75mm) and doctrinally this seems to be 2x 75mm and 1x 6pdr per troop. The rationale being that the 75mm HE is better than the 6pdr HE, whilst the 6pdr, with APDS, can deal with most German armour should they meet any. I’ve identified “BULLDOG” as the 6pdr. I think “BANDIT” is a 75mm.

    My question is this – does anyone have any definitive evidence, pictures etc, that clearly identify either “BANDIT” or “BUCCANEER” and show what mark they are?

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